Trip Tracker

Application used to track foreign currency echange rates for trip planning purposes. The user can budget expenses by inputting the cost in units of the foreign currency, and then see how much the cost of the trip in $USD is changing due to fluctuations in exchange rates. Created with a React front end, and Ruby on Rails back end, with Postgres to store data. Github Live Site

Image Scrambler Game

The game begins by creating a 3x3 grid, with eight of grid segments holding a part of a whole image, and the ninth segment is blank. The nine segments are scrambled in random order at the beginning of the game, and it is then the job of the user to reassemble the image by moving the blank segment around the board by using the arrow keys. Github Live Site

States Game

The goal of this project is to reinforce knowledge about the locations of the 50 United States. In addition to location, the application contains information about each state such as state capital, nickname, and a hand-selected image representing the state to increase depth of learning.

During the game the player is represented by an alien in a flying saucer, who will visit each of the 50 states in random order on a map marked only by state borders. At each stop the user will be tasked with answering the question: "Where am I right now?" Github Live Site

Linear Gradient Generator

This application randomly generates two linear gradients, and also allows for the user to manually create their own linear gradient using a color picker. Previously, I've found it difficult to settle on colors to use for linear gradients, so I think that randomly generating them and then seeing what looks good is at least a solution for the issue. Github Live Site


This is a simple application that does what Google, MSN, and countless other websites already do quite well: utilize current exchange rates in order to perform currency conversions for users. Using an exchange rate API to get information, the application is able to perform conversions between approximately 180 foreign currencies, as well as display historical information about the foreign currencies. Github Live Site

Penn Central Wind Band

Home page for the Penn Central Wind Band (PCWB). Based out of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, the PCWB was founded in 1994 by Dr. William Kenny who has conducted the band ever since. The band primarily consists of professional musicians and music educators. The PCWB is also one of the few ensembles to have been awarded the Silver Sudler Scroll, awarded by the John Philip Sousa Foundation "recognizing community and adult concert bands of outstanding musical excellence." Github Live Site

Technical Skills

Front End: React | Redux | JavaScript | CSS | HTML

Back End: Ruby | Ruby on Rails | Express | SQL | PostgreSQL | SQLite | Git

About me

I am a web engineer currently located in the NYC/Philadelphia area. I love problem solving, which is what led me to get involved in the field of web development. Whether it's adjusting the placement of an icon by a few pixels, or determining how best to handle a complex interaction, I get great satisfaction from seeing the results of my work on the page in front of me. I can build from scratch, (see above), but I also enjoy taking something already existing, and altering it to suit my particular needs. If you're looking for a developer who is as comfortable writing clean code as they are communicating with clients, then take a look at my resume and let's chat.